About Olympic Express Limited

Olympic Express Limited was established on 25th November 2014 as an independent Retail arm of the Olympic Milling Group. It had prior to its formation been trading under the banner of the milling businesses.

Olympic Express Limited is now a subsidiary of the OMG Holdings Limited which is incorporated in the Republic of Zambia. The Company Headquarters  are located at 872 Bessemer Road, Industrial Area, Ndola on the Copperbelt province in Zambia.

Olympic Express’ core products for sale comprise of assorted pack sizes of Olympic branded Mealie Meal, different variants of Olympic branded Stock Feeds, Day Old Chicks and a selection of third party products.

Olympic Express Limited currently owns 55 Retail Outlets across the Country, 1 Wholesale Depot in Kitwe & 1 Warehouse in Ndola.

The Company has shops located across various Living Standards Measure (LSM) bands covering agricultural, rural, semi urban, urban and general business centric locations across Zambia.

Our team is made up of people from all backgrounds and disciplines and as such offer their own unique abilities to the growth of the company. We bring a culture of innovation with the use of Technology and always place Quality of Product and Safety of all People above all else.

Our Shops are constantly being upgraded and improved upon to ensure that standards are always in line with SI regulations and to ensure that our Customers have a pleasant shopping experience.

Olympic Express Limited as is its holding Group of Companies is a proudly Zambian Company.


Olympic Milling Express boasts a chain of retail shops selling products by Olympic Milling Group companies and third party companies that constitute products used regularly in nearly all households in Zambia.

We have leadership made made up of visionaries steering the group operations with on-point, clear-cut goals executed by our experienced team at the helm of each of the subsidiary companies. We are constantly finding ways to improve our efficiency in the the way we conduct our business. We are expanding into new towns and regions, diversifying our investment portfolio and making sure our distribution system is second to none.

Corporate Governance

The company has a constituted board of directors which is made up of the following individuals:

  • Savvas Samaras
  • Stephanos George John Samaras
  • John Stephanos Samaras
  • Francis Rwakonda
  • Mupfudze Mushipe

The board meets regularly to review the performance of the business.

Through Olympic Express, OMS, CBT and Triple S farms have ready and direct access to the market in various provinces around Zambia. Olympic Express is opening more retail outlets in different towns.

List of Express Shops

BUCHI Located in Kitwe LUANGWA Located in Kitwe
BROADWAY Located in Ndola LUANSHYA 1 Located in Luanshya
BUYANTASHI Located in Kitwe LUANSHYA 2 Located in Luanshya
CAIRO Located in Ndola LUBENGELE Located in Kitwe
CHAMBISHI Located in Chambishi LUBUTO Located in Ndola
CHAMBOLI Located in Kitwe MAKENI Located in Lusaka
CHIBOMBO Located in Chibombo MANSA Located in Mansa
CHIFUBU Located in Ndola MBALA Located in Mbala
CHILANGA Located in Lusaka MKUSHI Located in Mkushi
CHILENJE Located in Lusaka MPIKA Located in Mpika
CHILILABOMBWE Located in Chililabombwe MPULUNGU Located in Mpulungu
CHILILAMOMBWE MINE Located in MUFULIRA 1 Located in Mufulira
CHINGOLA Located in Chingola MUFULIRA 2 Located in Mufulira
CHINSALI Located in Chinsali MUFULIRA EXPRESS Located in Mufulira
CHISOKONE Located in Kitwe MUMBWA Located in Mumbwa
CHISOKONE DEPOT Located in Kitwe MUSHILI Located in Ndola
CHIWEMPALA Located in Kitwe MWENSE Located in Mwense
CITY CENTRE Located in Ndola NAKADOLI Located in Kitwe
ISOKA Located in Isoka NAKONDE Located in Nakonde
KABENGELE Located in Kitwe PRESIDENT Located in Ndola
KABWE Located in Kabwe SAKANYA/KANIKI Located in Ndola
KALINGALINGA Located in Lusaka SAMFYA Located in Samfya
KALULUSHI Located in Kalulushi SENIOR Located in Ndola
KAMFINSA Located in Kitwe SERENJE Located in Serenje
KANSENSHI Located in Ndola SHOWGROUND Located in Lusaka
KAPIRI Located in Kapiri SOLWEZI Located in Solwezi
KASAMA Located in Kasama TWAPIA Located in Ndola
KYAWAMA Located in Solwezi WUSAKILE Located in Kitwe

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