Olympic Stock Feeds is a subsidiary of Olympic Milling Group Holdings Limited. It produces animal stock feed from the plant in Ndola, and utilizes the Olympic Milling distribution chain through Olympic Express to deliver its finished products to consumers.

Olympic Stock Feeds (OMS) produces different types of feed for chickens, pigs. Horses, dogs and cows. These foods come in different packaging from and are accessible from nearly all the Olympic Express shops countrywide.

Among the stock feed produced are:

  • Broiler Grower Mash and Pellets
  • Broiler Starter and Broiler Starter Crumble
  • Pig grower Mash and Pellets
  • Calf Meal
  • Pleasure Horse
  • Layers Mash
  • Dog food

OMS has its offices in Ndola in the Industrial Area. While it operates as an independent arm of OMG Holdings Limited, it is steered by a team of visionaries whose leadership has fostered growth and development. OMS now reaches more people in various town around Zambia, from the Northern regions of Luapula and Muchinga provinces, to the Central and Southern regions of Kabwe and Lusaka respectively.

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