The Group operates an arable farm in the Chambeshi area which is about 20 km from Kitwe. The farm lies in the region well endowed with high rainfall and good arable soils. Currently wheat, maize and soya are produced on the farm. Wheat production is winter farming with center pivot irrigation systems.

An expansion program is currently underway to increase both rain fed and irrigated coverage on the farm. The total hectare cover of the farm is 4,200 ha with maximum arable land of +-2,500 ha. We currently have 600 hectares under pivot and another 500 hectares of dry land that we farm.

The soils are fertile and ideal for arable farming, the annual average temperatures of 20 °C and average annual rainfall of 1,200 mm are conducive to good yields.

All the production from the farm is consumed within the Group Milling operations. The purchase and sale contracts between the farm and Group milling companies are conducted at arm’s length.

To further emphasize our integration strategy and as a result the sales and volumes of our animal feed plants. We have recently developed our Triple S Ranch Ndola farm which is centrally positioned 5KM outside Ndola town, and 3KM from our Stockfeed plant.

The primary focus is on Livestock and currently have broiler Chickens, Chicken Layers and pigs at the farm.

The potential and value gain of this project is exciting and our aim is to fully utilize the potential by the year.

Triple S Ranch commercially sells farm produce such as pork, beef and goat meat. We have state of the art butchery equipment and we have the ability to process our own products. We make sausages such as Hungarian sausage, beef sausage etc. We also supply meat to our customers.

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